2019 Aubaine Joie Pinot Noir

What catches my attention about this wine is the internal struggle between bright and dark fruits. I first observed this in the glass with medium to almost dark reds with twinges of bright reds wanting to leap out of the glass. On the nose, you smell those bright red tones wafting in the air with the glass sitting in front of you. Sticking your nose into the glass dark earth tones trying to peep through is intoxicating! On entry, those bright red fruits immediately grab your attention, but a wave of earthiness turns the tide on the back palate. Mid-palate is a settling of the two with high acidity and a medium body of deliciousness. If all of that isn’t enough, the finish lingers for a solid 30+ seconds.

5   54
0   41
2   49
5   155
8   141
4   181
4   189
0   40

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