Podcast – Jessica and Paden West Approachment Wines

A few months ago, I came across an Instagram post for a new winery called Approachment Wines. So naturally, I was intrigued, and when I dove the teeniest bit, I was super excited to notice Jessica West, who has worked with Drew Voit at Harper Voit for the past seven years, was behind the project with her husband, Paden. Paden West was assitant to Isabelle Meunier at Lavinea Wines and is the winemaker at Benza Vineyards. The husband and wife team riff off one another online, with Jessica spraying her partner in crime with Bubbles or Paden finding the perfect moment to exact revenge. When it comes to making wine together, they are earnest about trying new things, like their first release of extended contact Pinot Gris at a seriously affordable price point. They might work together harmoniously while playing Post Malone during Harvest, but what happens when I ask, “Who is the better winemaker?”

Please enjoy this conversation with Jessica and Paden West of Approachment Wines

Find out more by visiting – https://www.approachmentwines.com

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